The Ronal Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum rims. 50 years after the creation of this brand, the Swiss manufacturer wanted to present its capabilities in a modern and elegant way. That’s how they got to us, DEMO-SYSTEMS, a leading producer of mobile systems for product presentation, such as plastic, sewn and aluminum showcases.

So we have such samples, but how do you properly secure them? How to organize and present them?

The DEMO-SYSTEMS design department had to brainstorm to create such a sample presenter:

The sample case was sent to Switzerland. A moment of waiting and the news came – great, they like it! The customer, however, set the final condition – the samples must be secured so that they do not scratch themselves and to raise the prestige of the presented products.
The result is a suitcase for samples that look as if they were placed in a display case or a shop window on the elegant Zurich shopping street!
Here is the stunning effect:

After another trip to Härkingen, information comes – WE ARE CLEAR TO PRODUCE IT.
Now, a whole series of presentation cases has been circulating around the world for several months. The perfect celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the RONAL brand. Congratulations!