Our plastic cases for sales representatives
are waterproof, light and modern. They are characterized by a rigid cover, which makes them a lightweight alternative to aluminum suitcases.
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Our presentation cases are filled with the highest quality technical foam, cut to the shape of transported samples. We can also use other solutions, like installing a mounting plate.



We have an additional offer for customers who value sustainability above all else. The ORGANIC cases consist of up to 93% renewable resources, such as glucose, natural waxes, minerals and natural fibers. The carbon needed for the production of ORGANIC suitcases is obtained from CO2 from the atmosphere, thanks to which the subsequent thermal disposal is CO2-neutral, creating a closed cycle, leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

Regardless of the type of material, our customers can be sure that our plastic suitcases have been produced with respect for the environment. Product or tool cases come in many shapes and sizes. The appropriate type of plastic case will be selected so as to optimize the price-quality ratio of the presenter and get the best out of the product transported in it.

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