In case of soft cases modern
design and wide range of fabric allow us
to create fashionable, eye-cathing gadget.
— — —
We make our presentation cases from modern, waterproof fabric with printed logotype. Pinia Design introduced printing metod which gives absolute choice of print design.

Cases are filled with best quality technical foam, which is cut to fit the shape of transported items. We add rigid reinforcements on the front and back of the case. This solution enables safe transportation and easy access to the products inside.

In effect our cases are very durable and allow transportation of heavy objects. In addition cases can be equiped with wheels and handles for even more comfortable use.

We are also happy to manufacture a series of covers for various equipment. Our covers are waterproof. In order to better protect transported sports and other equipment, we can use thin foam on the left side of the cover.

SEE THE GALLERY of our soft presentation suitcases

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