Presentation of aluminum systems is well known to us. However, this is a very broad concept and our clients come from a wide range of industries. This time we cooperated with a producer of balustrades and specialized systems for building balconies and terraces. Buildings made of aluminum and glass can significantly reduce heat loss, which is so valuable nowadays. Meanwhile, during long summer days, a beautiful balustrade will make evenings spent on the terrace more pleasant. The possibility of choosing a system that would suit the consumer aesthetically and practically became a necessity.

Fortunately, our client knew this, which is why he asked us to produce a series of presentation cases for Copal aluminum balcony and terrace systems. Together with the client we chose a very light plastic suitcase, for which we produced a special pocket for small items in our sewing room. We marked it with a logo and CNC cut very high quality technical foam in the shape of the presented profiles.

The colorful demo case did a great job of presenting and transporting the samples, and the only thing left for the sellers was fruitful meetings with customers.

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